WHAT A F some old photos of some good friends

I found this photos when i was working with i projekt. Its realy fun to go back and look att al the creazy stuf i have done in the past.

The first man is of my friend Santad "T-MAN" Tegman aka sparven (sparrow), he is a realy close friend to me, we have some realy greate moments togehter

The second picture is of my friend Adam Falk, the man i work with at the moment. A realy good skier, and snoawboarder aswell. And a realy god video photagrapher. You can see his project on:

The therd pic is on Johan Lantz, one creazy man. Always Fun to party with. You will laf alot when you spend time with him.

And then we have Niklas Karlsson, G...Broohhh. He got a little bit to big hoods and like Westlife.

And then we have Oskar Pedersen, i meet this man in Stryn, a sommer ski resort in Norway. My first impression of him whas a Back flip out of a 17 meter clif drop down water and blowing fire from his mouth. 

And then we have one of my tree cloeset friends Erik Sundström, Right know living in Verbier, love to ski and do it realy well. He like Beer and he like front flip. Good combination.

The last one is of a friend from a school i studied in. 

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