CHAMONIX the end

Seven funny and hard-working days got to and with a ride down from the Aiguille du Medi down through cosmique couloir. Some abseiling, and steep skiing, but great fun.

Have met some great profile here in Chamonix, including these two Finnish guys.Kimmo Skip Oivo, Finnish ski legend No. 1 followed by finnish team telemark skier and freerider Jani Johansen one of Finland's cleverer filmmaker. These images may cancel my trip to Chamonix. Nowit's off by train and flight back to Stockholm and then get a day off and pack on to new adventures. Now we fly over the Atlantic Ocean.

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Anonym sa...


How came the Finns are framed in a dirty alley with trash bins etc? :D

-Arttu / vapaalasku.com

Daniel Rönnbäck sa...

Thay are riders from the dark alley. The hardest peopel on earth.