Cocoa Beach

Not much blogging right now. This is because I am out on a trip around the world and I am currently in the United States. Has been a lot of major cities along the way, New York, What can I say? Here you have everything and then some more. Key West, just as nice as it sounds, Miami Beach, sun, sand and Party. The pictures in this post is from Cocoa Beach, city of the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop. Here I took my virginity on A surfboard. And Actually I made to get up on my feet after a few attempts. The guy we rented the surfboard from was a real matcho surfdude. Said it was difficult waves and that we should not try. More I dont need not say, but he was nicer when I returned the board and proved that a could surf. More posts from Orlando, Las Vegas, Yosomit National Park, San Francisco, California, etc..

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