Inspired by life

There are many people who inspire me, make good things and live their dreams. CR is one of them, he is a legend and and will forever inspire me with his passion, love for life, friends and skiing. Tanner Hall did a cameback after a completely incomprehensible accident. All they had was a dream a dream they lived up to. Erik Sundström is also among one of the people that will always inspire me. For five months ago he was lying in the sickbed, no one thought we would see Erik on skis again. The doctors said it was over, but in a dark tunnel you only need a little light to find the way out. Eric himself created this light, found the way out and did what nobody thought possible. For me, Erik is what everybode should learn from. Anything is possible. Now is Erik on his feet again, and this winter I'll get to ski with Erik. It'sLove ... Believe in yourself, do not dream. Make it your reality.

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